Press release of the BCT Executive Board meeting held on 28 April 2016

During its monthly meeting held on 28 April 2016, the Executive Board was informed about the recent trends in the international economic situation and reviewed the main economic, monetary and financial indicators, as well as trends in the national economic situation. The Board discussed also issues related to trends in the banking sector activity and in  transactions on both the money and the foreign exchange markets, as well as follow up of these markets’  functioning by the Central Bank.

The Governor made a comprehensive presentation on the content of the final version of the Central Bank law, which was adopted by the Assembly of the People's Representatives and promulgated by the President of the Republic.

As for the Central Bank activity, the Board was informed about progress of works in the area of exchange and foreign trade, undertaken in the framework of the establishment of practical arrangements for exchange procedures’ facilitation and simplification with respect to economic operators, and the support to the external sector.

After deliberations, the Board decided to keep unchanged the key interest rate of the Central Bank of Tunisia.



(For further data on the economic and financial situation, please refer to the Central Bank of Tunisia web site: