Press release of the BCT executive board meeting held on 27 june 2016

The Board held its first meeting with its new composition, on 27 June 2016, following the adoption of law n° 2016-35 amending the BCT law.

The meeting focused on BCT follow up of recent trends in the international economic situation and analysis of the main economic, monetary and financial indicators as well as the main economic trends at the national level. The indicators relative to the banking sector activity and trends in transactions on the money market and the foreign exchange market were also reviewed.

The discussions dealt mainly with the pressure exerted, over the recent period, on the external sector, in the wake of current deficit slippage and drop of receipts with respect to foreign investment and external financing operations, and their impact on foreign currency reserves and the exchange rate of the dinar; as well as short term risks that may induce an ongoing pressure. In this respect, proposals relative to urgent measures that have to be implemented by the BCT were examined.

The Board discussed also possible repercussions of « Brexit », that is the United kingdom exit from the European Union, on the national economy’s outlook notably regarding trade, investment and bilateral economic and financial cooperation.

After deliberations, the Board decided to keep unchanged the key interest rate of the Central Bank of Tunisia.



(For further data on the economic and financial situation, please refer to the Central Bank of Tunisia web site: