Press release of the BCT Executive Board meeting held on 30 November 2016

During its periodical meeting held on 30 November 2016, the Board reviewed the different points scheduled in its agenda regarding recent developments in the international economic situation, analysis of the main economic, monetary and financial indexes, besides main trends in the national economic situation, as well as follow up of indexes related to the banking sector’s activity and trends in liquidity and transactions in the money market and the foreign exchange market.

Likewise, the Board examined the Monetary Policy Committee’s recommendations issued during its meeting held on 28 November 2016 regarding two issues. The first one is about establishing a regulatory and operational framework for the “Lender of last resort” mechanism. The second one concerns the usefulness of introducing the Chinese currency (Yuan) in reserves in foreign currency.

On the other hand, the Broad examined the Central Bank’s general budget draft for 2017 and the Permanent Audit Committee’s recommendations. The Board has also appointed the members of the Authorizations Committee, provided for by article 26 of the law related to banks and financial institutions.

Following deliberations, the Board approved of the above-mentioned points and decided to keep unchanged the key interest rate of the Central Bank.


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