Press release of the BCT Executive Board meeting held on 1st March 2017

In its periodical meeting held on 1st March 2017, the Board examined the points scheduled in its agenda. To begin with, it tackled main trends in the international economic situation and analysed main economic; monetary and financial indicators at the national level.

On the other hand, the Board took note of the report on the outcomes of foreign currency reserves management over 2016 and discussed issues related to the strategy to be adopted in this regard for 2017, notably in a context marked by pressure on liquidity in foreign currency in line with external payments’ situation and its fallouts on the current deficit.

In the framework of boosting disclosure of monetary policy mechanisms, bestowing more efficiency upon money market transactions and adjusting bank liquidity, the Board examined a draft of a circular to banks on the general conditions for the Central Bank’s monetary policy implementation.

The Board considered auditors’ reports on the Central Bank’s financial statements audit with respect to 2016 and internal control procedures and approved the audited financial statements, while outlining the Permanent Audit Commission’s recommendations.

Following deliberations about the above-mentioned issues, the Board decided to keep the Central Bank’s key interest rate unchanged.


(For further data on the economic and financial situation, you can refer to the Central Bank of Tunisia’s web site: