Press release of the BCT Executive Board meeting held on 2 February 2018

During its periodical meeting held on 2 February 2018, the BCT Executive Board outlined trends in the national economic situation in light of the Bank’s reports and data on the main indicators regarding economic activity, the money market and the foreign exchange market transactions, as well as the situation of liquidity and the banking sector’s activity.

The Board tackled the situation of assets in foreign currency in the wake of the ongoing pressure on external payments despite recovery premises of certain exporting sectors in the beginning of the year - which requires continuous efforts to boost the external sector mainly by giving impetus to exports and rationalizing expenses.

On the other hand, the Board examined the Bank’s financial statements draft with respect to 2017 financial year and closed them as per provisions of the Central Bank of Tunisia’s statute.

In order to improve the banking sector’s regulatory framework with a view to diversifying its banking services, hence reinforcing means to finance the economy, the Board discussed a series of basic orientations and choices to be adopted in the forthcoming period so as to allow banks and financial institutions to carry out Islamic finance operations jointly with conventional financial transactions.

In the framework of mobilizing external resources on behalf of the State, the Board debated the debenture loans worth a maximum amount of one billion dollars, to be issued by the BCT on the international capital market shortly.

Following deliberations on the above-mentioned topics, the Board drew attention to the continuous follow up of economic, monetary and financial indicators and their repercussions on both foreign currency reserves and inflation, and decided to keep unchanged the Central Bank’s key interest rate.


(For further data on the economic and financial situation, you can visit the Central Bank of Tunisia’s website