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Following rumours about the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT)’s adoption of a digital currency solution and its commitment with a foreign company for the establishment of this solution, the BCT denies all of these groundless allegations and information. To this effect, it clarifies the mentioned ambiguities and specifies what follows:

  • Within the framework of its reflection on economy and payment means digitalisation, the BCT is currently at the stage of examining all existing alternatives, among others, the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). However, this alternative is still at the reflection stage.
  • The BCT is presently working on finance digitalisation, in its digital currency dimension and not the one involving crypto-currency. Its departments are considering the opportunities and risks inherent to these new technologies, notably as regards cyber security and financial stability.
  • The BCT is not committed to any relationship, of whatsoever nature, with any national or foreign service provider in order to create any digital currency.
  • In fact, within the framework of the latest Tunisia’s FOREX Club event – an independent association from the BCT - and in order to encourage Tunisian young startupers, participants at this event have attended a technical feasibility demonstration of a digital currency theoretical solution, initiated by a private startup, having no moral or contractual relationship whatsover with the BCT. This Proof of concept was taken out of context, becoming thereby a marketing operation where the BCT’s name has been unduly used.
  • The Issuing institute reminds that only its official representative(s) are entitled to speak on its behalf and about its official position with regard to the adoption of this technology.
  • The BCT, which is getting ready to launch, in the beginning of 2020, both its "BCT-LAB" and its regulatory "Sandbox", remains open to all technological innovations in the banking and financial field.