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Tasks > Systems & means of payment > Oversight of payment systems and means


In application of article 33 new and 33 A of the organic law n°58-90 of 19 September 1958 providing for creation and organization of the Central Bank of Tunisia, the latter sees to guarantee stability, soundness and efficiency of the payment systems.

In this respect, the BCT organization chart provides for a structure charged with oversight and development of payment systems and means.

This function is in compliance with international norms and standards and has the following main targets:

  • Preserving security, stability, soundness ,efficiency, and effectiveness of the payment systems
  • Preserving the quality of the means of payment made available to users

The function related to development of the payment systems aims at:

  • Creating new payment niches that are more accessible to users  
  • Backing up the national effort which aims at boosting financial inclusion of socio-professional categories which are up to now excluded from classic banking services
  • Integrating inter-regional payment systems .