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Regulation > Exchange regulation

General information

In-capital operations

Foreign trade

Current payments

Transfers regarding current transactions are free (trade transactions, transactions related to corporate production, transport, insurance, capital income, operations concerning banking and financial expenditures, personal operations, public sector operations, general operations such as subscriptions, advertising, entertainment and show contracts).

Decree n° 77-608 of 27 July  1977 ; 
Circular n° 93-17of 13 October 1993 ; 
Circular n° 93-21 of 10 December  1993 as modified by circular of BCT to IA n°2007-21 of 14 August 2007 ; 
Circular n° 94-07 of 31 May 1994 ; 
Circular n° 94-14 of 14 September 1994.

N.B. : Transfers with respect to stay fees subdued to ceilings can give rise to complementary transfers a prior authorization of the Central Bank of Tunisia.

Travel Allowance 

Beneficiaries : Resident individuals of Tunisian or foreign nationality. 

Terms of delivery : 
It can be delivered at one or several times. 
Transfers with respect to tourist allowance can be effected in cash , by cheque or by nominative international payment card specially set for this allowance. The international payment card can only be used in Tunisia in order to book hotels abroad.
In compliance with decree n°77-608 of 27 July 1977 as modified by decree n°2007-394 of 26 February 2007, imports and exports of Tunisian dinars in bank notesor coins of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) are forbidden except when the Central Bank concludes an agreement with its counterparts or any other specialised authority in a foreign country.
It is in this framework that an agreement was concluded between the BCT and the Central Bank of Libya (BCL) on 18 February 2007 with respect to exchange of bank notes in Tunisian dinar and Libyan dinar. Thus , Tunisians travelling to Libya are authorised to transfer their travel allowance in cash either in Tunisian dinar or in Libyan dinar as per conditions and procedures fixed  by circular of the BCT to IA n°2007-06 of 15 March 2007. 

Amount :

  • 6,000 dinars per annum and 3,000 dinars per annum for less than 10 year-old children,
  • 3,000 dinars for resident individuals of foreign nationality allowed to transfer work remittances and 1,500 dinars per annum for their children whose age is less than 10 years.

Carrying forward of unused portion of tourist allowance is no more authorised..

Circular of BCT to IA n° 2007-04 of 9 February 2007 as modified by circular of BCT to IA n° 2009-21of 13 November 2009 and circular of BCT to IA n°2014-16 of 10 December 2014.

Amounts that have not been used with respect to the travel allowance when going abroad can be saved in  an account entitled "travel allowance in convertible dinar" open in this respect.

Circular of BCT to IA n° 2007-15 of 26 April 2007.

Tuition fees 

Resident individuals of Tunisian or foreign nationality studying abroad (students having the baccalaureate or a higher studies degree, handicapped enrolled in specialized institutions, pupils authorized by the ministry of education to pursue their studies abroad). 

Amount :

  • 4,000 dinars per annum as setting up fees,
  • 3,000 dinars per month as stay fees or the difference between this amount and the one of a scholarship or university loan,
  • Enrolment and tuition fees excluding stay fees,required by the school or university abroad as indicated in all documents issued in the name of the student by the mentioned establishment

Circular of BCT to IA  n° 93-10 of 8 September 1993, as modified by circular of BCT to IA n° 98-11 of 9 October 1998 and circular of BCT to IA n°2004-07 of 1st November 2004 and circular of BCT to IA n°2006-18 of 27 November 2006 and circular of BCT to IA n°2009-22 of 18 November 2009 and circular of BCT to IA n° 2013-11 of 14 August 2013 and circular of BCT to IA n°2015-08 of 21 April 2015.

Transfer with respect to fees for professional training abroad

Beneficiaries : 

Any resident private individual authorised by the Ministry in charge of professional training to carry out a training abroad.

Amount :

  • 4,000 TD for each training period with respect to setting up fees.
     The considered period must be mentioned in the non-objection certificate for carrying out professional training abroad delivered by the Ministry in charge of professional training. Transfer of this allocation can be effected fully at once or several times.
  • 3,000 TD per month with respect to stay fees or the difference between this amount and the amount of scholarship if the beneficiary holds a training scholarship.
  • Enrolement and training fees must correspond to amounts required by the training institution abroad, exclusive of the stay fees, as indicated in the training institution and the concerned induividual.


Transfers with respect to work remittances 

Beneficiaries : 
Foreign wage earners through cooperation or contract and not maried to resident individuals may profit freely from all transfers with respect to work remittances.

Circular n°93-21 of 10 December 1993 as modified by circular of BCT to IA n°2007-21 of 14 August 2007 repealing the circular n° 93-12 of 8 September 1993.

Transfers as care fees 

Beneficiaries : 
Resident individuals of Tunisian or foreign nationality travelling abroad for medical care and those who accompanying them.

Amount :

  • Care fees : Without ceiling and on relevant papers (medical check up, hospital care, surgery, analysis,.),
  • Stay fees :
    • For the patient :
      • 1500 dinars per annum
      • 500 dinars per travel if the patient's health requires several travels per year, freely if he is taken over by an insurance company or a pension fund and otherwise upon an authorization of the Central Bank of Tunisia.
    • For the person accompanying with the patient :
    • 1000 dinars per travel.

Circular of BCT n° 93-18of October 18, 1993 as modified by circular of BCT to authorised intermediaries n°2004-06 of November 1st, 2004 and by circular of BCT to authorised intermediaries n°2006-17 of 20 November 2006. 

Allowance for business travels

Resident individuals and legal entities going abroad on business in the framework of their professional activities. 
These allowances include those for exporters' business travels, businesses feasible abroad, importers, other activities and promoters.


  • The allowance for exporters' business travels is fixed at 25 % of export receipts with an annual ceiling of 500,000 dinars.
  • As for allowance for travels with respect to business feasible abroad, its profit is freely set, provided that the contracts require the travel of the beneficiary or his employees and do not include a close providing for allocation of a portion of the cost of the deal to the coverage of the fees incurred in the country where the deal with be carried out. Its amount is set at 15% of the cost of the deal for which the allowance is required.
  • Concerning allowance for importers' business travels, profit is freely set with respect to authorised intermediaries and its amount is fixed at 5,000 dinars for imports carried out during the previous year with amounts varying between 5,000 and 50,000 dinars and at 10% with a ceiling of 50,000 dinars for import  which account for more than 50,000 dinars.
  • Business travel allowance for other activities is granted  freely with respect to authorised intermediaries to any resident private individual or Tunisian or foreign legal entities for their institution in Tunisia and having not enjoyed any business travel allowance and those with the activity not listed in appendix 8 (new) of circular of the BCT to authorised intermediaries n°2007-03 of 5 February 2007.Its amount is set at 2,000 dinars when the previous year's turnover varies between 10,000 and 30,000 dinars and at 8% of the turnover of the previous year with a ceiling of 30,000 dinars when the mentioned turnover goes beyond 30,000 dinars.
  • The allowance for promoters' business travel is granted freely with respect to authorised intermediaries to Tunisian or foreign legal entities for their institution in Tunisia launcling new projects requering travelling abroad. Its amount is set at 15,000 dinars granted just once during all the period corresponding to implementation of the project.

Circular of BCT to IA n°2001-08 of 2 March 2001 as modified by circular of BCT to IA n° 2009-06 of 9 February 2009.

Amount : 

Beneficiaries : Circular of the BCT to IA  n° 2007-09of 12 April 2007 as modified by circular of BCT to IA n°2009-23 of 18 November 2009 .

Resident & non-resident accounts

Gerneral aspects

Exchange Regulation