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Annual report

The report includes an analysis of the main economic, financial, and monetary trends both at the international and the national levels and a presentation of activities of the Central Bank of Tunisia and its financial statements relative to the financial year.

Last issue : 2021
Language : Arabic,French and English.
Number of pages : 218 (for the English version)
All the French editions are available.

The English edition has been available since 1995, when it was published for the first time  

Annual Report


Financial Statistics Bulletin

Provides economic,financial and monetary statistics as well as the methodology followed in their working-out.It is completed by a monthly supplement of the main external payments and financial indicators.

Periodicity : quaterly
Last issue : n°220 (October 2022)
Language : French and English
Number of pages : 100
All the French editions are available .

The English edition has been available since June 2003, when it was published for the first time.

Financial Statistics Bulletin

Banking Supervision

The publication of the Annual Report of the Banking Supervision comes in the framework of a new tradition of disclosure and transparency based on the rules of good governance and international standards in the area of internal control.

Periodicity : Annual
Last issue : 2017
Language : Arabic,French and English.
Number of pages : 94(for the English version)

Banking Supervision Annual Report

Banking mediation annual report

Periodicity : Annual
Last issue : 2020
Language : French
Number of pages : 28

Banking mediation annual report

Tunisia's External Debt

The brochure of Tunisia's External Debt presents a detailed analysis of the country's outstanding debt trend and structure and a brief outlook on international environment.

Periodicity : annual
Last issue : 2012
Language : French
Number of pages : 100.
All issues are available

Tunisia's External Debt

Balance of payments

The brochure of the balance of payments presents the trend and structure of Tunisia's economic and financial relations with abroad as well as the regulating measures undertaken during the considered year in external payments.

Periodicity : annual
Last issue : 2020
Language : French
Number of pages : 127
All issues are available.

Balance of payments 

 The Economic Situation Periodical  

The economic situation periodical analyses briefly the major events of the national and international climate.It presents also the main economic,monetary and financial measures undertaken during to the considered period.

Periodicity : bimonthly till n°17,monthly since n°18 and quaterly since n°53
Last issue : n°137 (October 2022)
Languages : Arabic, French and English
All french issues are available

The English and the arabic versions are available from 15 and 34 respectively, their first edition

The Economic Situation Periodical in English

Supplement of Financial Statistics

This bulletin provides the main financial indicators.

Periodicity : monthly
Last issue : October 2022
Language : Arabic, French and English
Number of pages : 4
All issues are available

Supplement of Financial Statistics Bulletin

Payments in Tunisia in Figures


This Bulletin aims to inform the public of the salient indicators and trends in this area as well as structuring projects that support the development of digital payments enshrining the strategy of the Central Bank of Tunisia adopted to the effect to promote financial inclusion and decashing.

Periodicity: semi-annual
Last edition: 1st semester 2022
Language: French


Payments in Tunisia in Figures 

Numismatics and history of the money in Tunisia

"Numismatics and history of the money in Tunisia" is a book that provides an overall view of history of the money in Tunisia, placing it more generally in its global historical context.
This book with the publication coincides with celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Central Bank (November 2008) is made up of three volumes :

      Tome I: The Antiquity (335 pages)
      Tome II: The Islamic currencies (343 pages)
      Tome III: The Contemporary currencies (379 pages)

Language : French
Price of three volumes :
       In dinar: 180 dinars, 60 dinars the volume
       In Euro: 105 euros, 35 euros the volume




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