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       The « STATISTICS » heading has been designed according to new techniques in this area and held up therefore as a mini-site. It will henceforth include all monetary, financial and economic data drawn up either by the departments of the Bank or the other institutions producing statistics.

These data are updated and drawn up with enough varied frequencies (daily, on a ten-day basis, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually) in compliance with the table presented below. This heading includes also an interactive service that helps the internet user to have access, in consultation mode, to a battery of indicators with selection option for a large retrospective series in XLS, HTML flux RSS formats.

These statistics are meant for all categories of users (international institutions, rating agencies, media, academics, the general public, etc).

The methodology according to which these statistics are drawn up as well as the structure of the monetary and financial system are detailed in the following document (as a PDF file).

For more details you may refer to the last Financial Statistics Bulletin published on this web site.


Frequency and timeliness of Tunisia statistics dissemination

sector Frequency last updated
Monthly statement of the BCT Monthly 04/12/2019
Other statistics of the BCT Monthly 09/01/2020
Monthly banks situation Monthly 13/01/2020
Monthly leasing companies situation Monthly 13/01/2020
Monthly offshore banks situation Monthly 13/01/2020
monetary sector Monthly 10/01/2020
Financial system Monthly 10/01/2020
Evolution of loans to the economy Annually 19/09/2019
Monetary policy operations Daily 24/01/2020
Treasury Bonds weekly 13/01/2020
Purchase of Treasury bond Occasional -
Interest rates
Main interest rates Daily -
Key rate of the BCT Monthly 27/12/2019
Savings Remuneration Rate(TRE) Monthly 31/12/2019
Money market average (TMM) Monthly 31/12/2019
means of payment
Volume of transactions Monthly 06/09/2019
Number of transactions Monthly 06/09/2019
System of Transfers of Gross Amounts (SGMT) Monthly 16/01/2019
Volume of foreign exchange market currency/Dinar Daily 24/01/2020
Statistics related to forward exchange market Daily 23/11/2015
Foreign exchange market currency-currency Daily 16/10/2019
Daily rates of the main listed currencies Daily 24/01/2020
History of foreign exchange Daily -
Spot exchange transactions Monthly 29/10/2019
Breakdown of transactions by currency (in-account and spot operations) Monthly 29/10/2019
Trend in transactions on cash exchange market Monthly 29/10/2019
Trend in forward operations volume Monthly 25/12/2015
Trend in foreign currency/foreign currency transactions Monthly 29/10/2019
Interbank market exchange rate average Monthly 06/01/2020
Interbank market exchange rate averages (Annual) Annual 03/01/2019
External Sector
Balance of payments Quaterly 19/11/2019
Global external position Annually 18/07/2019
Other indicators of external payment Monthly 05/12/2019
foreign trade(Exports) Annually 04/09/2018
foreign trade(Imports) Annually 04/09/2018
Foreign Investment Annually 18/07/2019
Trends in Short Term Foreign Liabilities Stock of Tunisia Annual 18/07/2019
Gross External Debt Position Monthly 31/12/2019
Structure of external debt service Annually 16/05/2019
Structure of external debt by settlement currency Annually 16/05/2019
Main parameters of external debt Annually 16/05/2019
General economy
General economic statistics(Prices) Monthly 31/05/2017
Gross domestic product(GDP) Annually 16/08/2019
Use of gross domestic product Annually 16/08/2019
Industrial production index Monthly 31/05/2017
Public finance Annually 14/10/2019
Total indebtedness Annual 06/09/2019